Morphing into a Mystery Writer

I recently completed a 10-week course at Gotham Writers’ Workshop, under instructor Carole Bugge.  Carol is the author of the novels The Star of India,  The Haunting of Torre Abbey and several “Who Killed” novels. I learned so much about character, plotting and setting that I feel far more confident about tackling a mystery novel than I did before. If you ever get a chance to take one of the Gotham courses I recommend them; I was in a class with incredibly talented writers so getting critiques from them really meant something.  I learned more about pacing and why it’s not always a good idea to kill someone off in the first line of the book.

Right now I’m working on a first draft of a cozy, hoping to have it done before fall and/or winter roll around.

There’s something daunting about tackling a novel for long-time non-fiction writers – at least it is for this writer. If you’ve always written non-fiction and are now starting a novel I’d love to connect and share notes. I’m going to post some work-in-progress notes on the site.  Feel free to comment.

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