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Join Me in Mind-Mapping Your Next Flash Non-Fiction (or Fiction)

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Yesterday I wrote about  creating a mind-map in preparation for a flash non-fiction piece. Today I’m inviting you to do the same. (If you write fiction, please join in!)

If you’ve never done mind-mapping, I’ve included links below to a few quick guides.  I have mind-mapping software (Simple Mind) but I prefer using pen and paper. My technique is a simple one: I begin with a central idea, which I circle, and then (like spokes on a wheel) begin free associating outwards from the central hub. In my example from yesterday’s mind-map, Fort Robinson was at the hub of my mind-map, from which I added other ideas/observations (black butterfly, wind, elms, cottonwoods, officer’s row, bluffs, sky,etc).

Mind-Map Resources

Rico Cluster (which is about as close to what I do as possible)


An interesting take on mind-mapping via YouTube

And for the artists among us, some amazing mind-maps

What Next?

If you’re open to having your mind-map posted here, send it over to and I’ll post it, along with whatever comments you want to make. I encourage you to come up with an idea for a flash non-fiction piece, then start mind-mapping it.  Can’t wait to see what you create!

Mind Map Example: Courtesy Jean-Louis Zimmermann


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