Do you have a book you’d like to write but don’t have the time or writing experience to do it on your own?

Don’t stress out!

I ghost books in diverse industries ranging from medicine to coin collecting to renewable energy.  I can work with you to conceptualize, outline, plan and write (or co-author) your non-fiction book.

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

  • You want to write a book but don’t have the time or experience
  • You need blog posts. You need them now. You need them well-written.
  • You want to write a personal history or a family biography
  • You’ve written a history book and need help editing or polishing
  • You’re savvy in your field and need a book to give you that extra public boost.
  • You’ve led a fascinating life that you want to capture in print –  for your business or just for your family.
  • You’ve done something spectacular (climbed Everest, launched a company, starred in a movie) and you want the world to know how you did it
  • You want a company history to give to employees and potential clients
  • You need an impressive leave-behind for meetings and presentations

I can help.

I have more than twenty years’ of experience in the publishing business, and am the author of 30 books and a half-dozen ghostwriting projects.

The ghostwriting process is a fun one that entails interviewing (you, your family, your colleagues, your friends) and then putting the story together so that it’s written in your voice with your words.

What Does Ghostwriting Cost and How Long Does It Take?

Ghostwritten Books

Typically, a small book project starts at $15K, with cost dependent on the length and scope of the project. On average, a book-length project takes a minimum of three to six months to complete, depending on the scope of the work.

The ghostwriting process itself requires 1-2 hours a week of your time for being interviewed .  Together, we will craft an outline and table of contents, then create a calendar with deadlines for each chapter.   As each interview is complete, a draft of that chapter will be delivered to you within two to three weeks.

Or, if you’ve already completed your book and just need an edit and polish, we’ll work together to create our project plan calendar.

Once completed, the manuscript is delivered to you in PDF and Word formats.

If you need help with interior and cover design and printing, I can assist in the process. Additional fees are dependent on your needs.

If you are interested in getting started immediately on your ghostwriting project, contact me to set up a time to discuss your project. Once details are agreed up, I will send you a letter of agreement.

Let’s get that book written!