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From July 2015 through the end of December I became the primary caregiver/support for my dear friend who suffered a massive stroke. During that time my work suffered and I became more run down than I’ve ever been before. For someone like me who is a high producer, those five months were a challenge.

Coming into January I had an epiphany about my work world. While I love producing, my nature (call it my superpower) has always been that of a curator. I find stuff . . . I share stuff. I love putting people together with other people or with services, information, or products that I think will help them. If you read either of my free Flipboard magazines (Writer’s Life or History Travel Photography) you’ll see that I was born to curate! (I currently have close to 27,000 viewers)

To that end, instead of creating more programs of my own, I’ve decided to “give in” to my unique gift and locate what I consider are the best programs, products, services, or people to help you in meeting your writing goals. I may be an affiliate for some, I may not be for some . . . but rest assured I never recommend anything I haven’t personally experienced or have long knowledge of. There are so many scams out there I feel that finding the true gems can be a challenge – so I definitely dig down to see what’s behind the curtains.

And frankly, my friend’s stroke slowed me down enough to realize I don’t spend nearly as much time doing things that bring me joy: photography, travel, and writing about the historic sites that I frequently visit. Time to do more of those things and less time being a production machine.

So as we move into 2016, I want you to know that I’m still here but will be producing less andcreating more. And, curating the good stuff that’s out there. Right now, my sights are set on two programs I like:

GoodRiter – I’ve told you about this one before, but Steve and his gang continue to amaze me with the quality of work and excellent discounts they’re getting for writers.

Self-Publishing School – This is Chandler Bolt’s free video course for anyone who wants to write and self-publish. It’s good stuff and if you’ve been dragging your feet, get over and sign up for this freebie.

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As always, I reply to every email I get – and I do love hearing from you; so write and let me know what’s getting in the way of your writing. That way I know what kind of great stuff to be on the lookout for.

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