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First Drafts Suck. So do Seconds.

I’m on a kick to write. Every day.  I’m trying to sort out the true difference between flash fiction and flash creative non-fiction as both can hold elements of truth – – as we know it. Right now I’m working on what is probably called a short story. But I’m not sure. I don’t know where it’s going but I… Read more →

Nancy Hendrickson is not a poet but would love to be

Yes, I’m still on about the poetry class

Don’t ask me why. I’m not even a poet. But I really wanted to learn more about how to write more beautifully. So, in child-like stomping-ness, I found the format called a cinquain. Read about it here. My attempt: Drums beat floating on air Catch my heart’s reverie mirroring a time I once knew, long gone Read more →

Why write poetry

Who Gives a Rip About Poetry?

In the last few weeks I signed up to take two poetry seminars. Both were cancelled for lack of interest. A novel-writing course at the same venue was so popular they had to add a second session. Which lead me to wonder whether anyone gives a rip about poetry. I do. Poets know how to pack a punch is so few lines it… Read more →

writers need coffee

Writer’s Life is Hectic

At least this writer’s life is! In the last month I’ve had two book deadlines to meet and a third book contract to finalize. I plan on taking a couple weeks off in July just to catch my breath. Just wondering – is your writing life just as hectic or are you able to go at a pace that’s more… Read more →

[Writer’s Life] Finding Inspiration

People often ask “where do you find your ideas?” Well, they’re everywhere. the girl sitting on the steps, smoking, looking dejected the guy skateboarding down the middle of the street the cat on the roof next door the song that won’t leave your head the whiff of rosemary the taste of risotto the neighbor’s argument the woman who crowds you in… Read more →

writers need coffee

[Writer’s Life] My Morning Routine

Readers have told me they love hearing about different author routines so here’s mine. I’m usually up by 6, sometimes 5. I flip on the coffee pot, which I prepped the night before. I get dressed while two cups of my absolute favorite blend: New Mexico Pinon is brewing. Next, I plop down with cup #1 and skim through emails… Read more →

Get More Writerly Stuff for Free

Did you know that I curate the best writing articles into my Facebook page and also into my Flipboard magazine, Writer’s Life? If you love reading about writers, the writing process, marketing your work . . . just about everything to do with being a writer, there’s much to be found in either place. (love to see you at both) You can… Read more →