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[This Week] Updating my Book

This week at Herb Cottage I’m doing an update of my book for F&W Media. The book is selling well but released a couple of major site changes so the book needs updating before the next printing, which will probably be early this fall. Although I typically write about non-fiction writing and productivity, my first love is family… Read more →

[This Week] Compile, Organize, Outline

This week at Herb Cottage is all about my ghostwriting project. I have approximately 500 pages of interview transcriptions to finish going through. Next, I’ll be organizing the material into time periods and topics, then creating my Master Outline. It’s a huge job and I hope the book will be complete by April 1, 2015. (Clue about the book is… Read more →

[This Week] A Jumble of Things

This week at Herb Cottage is focused around Josie the Cat. She’s started having increased vocalization, which the vet says can be pain, thyroid, hypertension, etc. She has an appointment tomorrow . . . will know more than. On the work front, I finished four videos today for my friends over at Family Tree University. Three of them are quick… Read more →

[This Week] Ghostwriting

The week of December 1, 2014, I’ll be working on: Ghostwriting an autobiography for a local client Developing a new Udemy course Creating a PowerPoint for a presentation I’m doing on December 18, for Family Tree University What’s on your agenda?  Leave a comment below. Read more →

[Writing] Off to New Vistas

As you know (if you’ve been around here before) I write books about writing. But over the last several days I’ve been thinking about writing a book totally outside of the Writing Genre. To be honest, I have a stack of book ideas about writing, but this one kept making its way to the top of the pile. For want of… Read more →