• San Diego Coloring Book
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    Newest Book Released

    What started as a lark turned into a full-fledged project – the San Diego Coloring Book. As a long-time San Diego resident and photographer, I’ve been shooting SD for years. It occurred to me one day in…

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    Indie Author Superpack

    This deal from those crazy guys over at Buck Books came out of the blue and lasts only June 8-10 (Wed-Fri). This is insanely short notice on this, but Buck threw together a super-quick, 3-day flash sale…

  • how to build a readership
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    How to Build Your Tribe

    Before writing another word, I have two questions: What authors do you follow? Why? If you’d like to stop for five minutes and make a list of your answers, go ahead because this is important stuff. I’ll give…

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    Creative Writer Challenge

      My friend Alison Cross inspired me with her 30 days of creativity self-challenge. I decided to take a similar challenge and hope you’ll join me. Instead of posting my 30 days of creative writer endeavors here you…

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