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Should I self publish or go traditional?

Self-Publish or Traditional? When to Go Hybrid

  The last time I counted I’d written 30 books. About half are on the self-publish side, half traditional. Since the great Kindle revolution there’s been such a backlash against traditional publishing that I thought I’d throw in my 2c since I do both trad and indie. The Case for Traditional Publishing Last spring, during the height of the coloring… Read more →

San Diego Coloring Book

Newest Book Released

What started as a lark turned into a full-fledged project – the San Diego Coloring Book. As a long-time San Diego resident and photographer, I’ve been shooting SD for years. It occurred to me one day in the spring that I had never seen a San Diego coloring book, although our city is visited by zillions of people every year.… Read more →

Indie Author Superpack

This deal from those crazy guys over at Buck Books came out of the blue and lasts only June 8-10 (Wed-Fri). This is insanely short notice on this, but Buck threw together a super-quick, 3-day flash sale as an unofficial launch event for Digital Freedom Academy. He calls it the Indie Author Superpack and includes K.M. Weiland’s Novel Freedom Course… Read more →

marketing strategies

Simple Marketing Strategies for Authors

In my book, Sell More Books, I write about 55 different (free) marketing approaches for writers of all personalities. For example, the suggestions for the Rock Star type of author are far different than the Emily Dickinson.  Here are five of the book’s most simple strategies for marketing your book or your blog.  Set up, polish and publish your Author… Read more →

how to build a readership

How to Build Your Tribe

Before writing another word, I have two questions: What authors do you follow? Why? If you’d like to stop for five minutes and make a list of your answers, go ahead because this is important stuff. I’ll give you a few of my own just to get things going: Novels of Doug Preston and Lincoln Child: Because their Agent Pendergast is… Read more →

Creative Writer Challenge

  My friend Alison Cross inspired me with her 30 days of creativity self-challenge. I decided to take a similar challenge and hope you’ll join me. Instead of posting my 30 days of creative writer endeavors here you can find them over at Facebook on my Writers Life page. Don’t be shy! Come join in the fun and post your creative… Read more →

Book Promotion – Where’s Your Audience?

  There are as many (or more) book promotion ideas as grapes in this guy’s hands. But which one/s do you pick? It depends on where your audience hangs out. It’s possible that the book buyer who’s in love with Pinterest is also on Instagram but is he also on Digg? And yes, your readers may watch cat videos on YouTube, but is that their go-to… Read more →

How to Use WordPress to Market Your Kindle Books

WordPress – Great for Kindle Marketing I got into building WordPress sites more than five years ago, and since that time have created dozens and dozens. WordPress is outstanding for authors because 1) it’s free; 2) it has thousands of great plugins (free); and thousands of beautiful themes (free). I wrote my book, WordPress Websites, because so many people kept asking… Read more →

Udemy Women Instructors Offer Deep Discounts

Fellow women Udemy instructors have banded together to create deep discounts in honor of Valentine’s Day. Some of these coupons will have end dates, others are open-ended.  Although topics range across a wide variety of interests, you’ll find several that have to do with writing. (Especially – see my co-author, Michelle Campbell-Scott ‘s offerings and of course my own!) Denise… Read more →

Remembering the Milky Way

I found the following in an old journal, written during a trip to Fort Robinson, Nebraska. It reminded me of why I love writing. Just a few words – but ones that captured my thoughts and feelings. The birds are always singing. As I gaze out at the bluffs, I can imagine how this rolling pine hill country must have… Read more →