From Blank Page to Bestseller in 90 Days

self-publishing school

My colleague, Chandler Bolt, has just released, a free video series on how to write, publish and market your first book. Now you may already have purchased my book on writing your first non-fiction Kindle book – – but Chandler’s free course is definitely a “go grab”. You can sign up for the course by…
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Do Not Miss This!

December 10 launch with more than 50 giveaways, including books, audio books, courses, training . . . you name it. All for people who love to writer. After launch, you’ll receive three emails a week with killer writing-related deals. And, on occasion, a blockbuster new product. Seriously, if you love to write, click on the…
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Simple Marketing Strategies for Authors

marketing strategies

In my book, Sell More Books, I write about 55 different (free) marketing approaches for writers of all personalities. For example, the suggestions for the Rock Star type of author are far different than the Emily Dickinson.  Here are five of the book’s most simple strategies for marketing your book or your blog.  Set up,…
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