Practicing the Craft

Three paragraphs of a piece on the 19th century whaling trade. “So be cheery, my lads, let your hearts never fail, While the bold harpooner is striking the whale.” old Nantucket song George Dodge was born with saltwater in his veins. Growing up in Salem, Massachusetts, this son of the sea wandered the wharves, captivated […]


Doing my best to create the feel of the great deserts . . . Its four deserts sprawl across the Southwest, each differing in character as the calliope hummingbird and the deadly javelina. The Mogollon Rim, an escarpment which plunges 2000-feet to the Tonto Basin, divides the great expanse of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts […]


A week or so ago I tweeted an article about the second known photo of Emily Dickinson being found.  Long a lover of Emily’s work, I found myself thinking about her this morning over coffee at Monica’s at the Park, a favorite San Diego coffeehouse. Sitting out on the patio I was fascinated by the […]

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