When a Mistake Can Be a Blessing


I walked over to my local coffeehouse yesterday (Mystic Mocha) and on the way home saw a weathered bench that I thought would make an interesting photo. I pulled out my iPhone and snapped. I knew the photo would need cropping and editing, but I was pretty sure I could make something of it. The…
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What Place Beckons You?


I’ve always been drawn to places where history took place.   If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share with your network.Thank you!

How I Got My First Magazine Assignment – and You Can Too

sedona red rock

It only takes one yes. After  giving up my childhood dream of being an archaelogist, I turned my attention to writing – specifically writing for magazines.  Here’s what happened: I went to my first writer’s conference in Phoenix, Arizona where the editor of Arizona Highways  told a story about assigning articles to three freelancers. But, as it turned out,…
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