Anatomy of an Article, Part 2

milky way sky

Click back over to Part 1 of the Anatomy of an Article to refresh your memory. It’s all about note-taking and mind-mapping. In brief, I wanted to write something about my visit to Fort Robinson, Nebraska, the place where Crazy Horse was killed in 1877. On to Part 2:

I decided to write a flash non-fiction piece about this place. If you’re not familiar with flash non-fiction, read this blog post or this book. My challenge was to choose one key idea or image around which to build the piece. Initially, I thought it would be the black butterfly, but as I scrawled notes I realized the one thing that stood out most for me was seeing the Milky Way. Once I had the key element, I began to write. Continue reading

What Do You Want Next?

what is next for a writer

Click the arrow for a brief intro by Nancy

Before I went to bed last night I thought about all of the time I spend taking care of things that have nothing to do with writing. I’m sure you know what I mean: promotion, networking, planning . . . all of those non-writing things that most of us writers don’t really love.

It frustrates me to have so much on my plate because it doesn’t feel like it supports my inner journey of reflection, reading, jotting notes, or just daydreaming about the things I want to write. While the promotional stuff is critical, the rest (notes, daydreaming, etc) is equally important. How can we create without those moments of nothingness?

Since creating The 15-Minute Writer video course I’ve thought a lot about how much a writer can accomplish in a short time, particularly if there’s a commitment to Continue reading