How I Got My First Magazine Assignment – and You Can Too

sedona red rock

It only takes one yes. After  giving up my childhood dream of being an archaelogist, I turned my attention to writing – specifically writing for magazines.  Here’s what happened: I went to my first writer’s conference in Phoenix, Arizona where the editor of Arizona Highways  told a story about assigning articles to three freelancers. But, as it turned out,…
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How To Find the Heart of a Story

aztec ruins

If you’ve read my blog posts: Anatomy of an Article, Parts 1 and 2, you’ll know I’m a great one for note-taking.  Take a minute and read those two posts, then come back and read this . I recently traveled to Aztec Ruins in northern New Mexico, which was once occupied by what we called Anasazi; today…
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Writing Themes for July

Canada Day is July 1, Independence Day July 4, and Bastille Day July 14.  Canada Day celebrates the merging of three colonies into a country,  July 4 the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence, and July 14 the beginning of the French Revolution. Do you think that July has a little something special in…
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