Nancy’s Old Poetry and New Images – Free for Two Days

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I’m doing my level best not to cringe at the thought of my poetry from many years ago being loosed upon the land. It’s one thing to love your poetry when you’re 20, but another at my [fairly] advanced age. But I did it, nonetheless.

In addition to the poetry, the tiny volume has close to 20 of my very recent art photos . . . my favorite creative endeavor next to writing. A little of the old me, a little of the now me.

One thing I hope for in doing this is that YOU will pull some writing out of an old box or from a desk drawer and just get it out into the world. I know you have something to say, so do it!

Today (April 16) and tomorrow (April 17) Feathers That Perch in the Soul will be free for Amazon’s Kindle. Grab a copy.


The 15-Minute Writer: The Secret to My Productivity

15 min

At last! I’ve finally created a course that shows how I manage to be so productive. And it’s NOT about time management. The 15-Minute Writer was created to show you how you can be a prolific writer, even if you only have 15 minutes at a time to work on your book, blog post, or any other writing-related task.

The course launched at $49 but this code will enable you to enroll for only $10. The course only takes a little more than 60 minutes to watch (it’s video) and at the end of that hour you should have a stockpile of ideas to use during tiny bits of free time.

Here’s the code:

Let me know how you like the course – please leave a review if it works for you. And definitely tell me how you decided to use your tiny bits of free time!

My Newest Class – Evernote Quick and Easy – Now on Udemy

Adult man using his tablet computer at countryside. Different ic

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new video course on Evernote – Quick & Easy was designed for everyone who feels that *should* use Evernote but haven’t because it looks too clunky or not intuitive enough. My lessons focus on learning the most valuable Evernote features in a way that you’ll be up and running within 2 hours of taking the course.

The course is currently priced at $49 and will be increased in April. However, readers of my blog and newsletter can get the course for $10 by using the coupon code: nhw.  Follow this link and the discount code will be automatically applied

If you’ve read my Kindle book on Evernote, you’ll know that I use it extensively for researching and planning my books. I think Evernote is a must-use for writers.

See you in class!