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Writers Live Twice

Writers Live Twice

Do you think writers can live twice?


Doesn’t matter if you write fiction or non-fiction. As a writer you have the ability to live twice; once as “you”, once as anything or anyone you can imagine. As you prepare for the following days and weeks, what “others” will you create?

Treasure Map

Treasure Map

You’ve heard the self-help gurus talk about treasure maps, yes? If not, a treasure map is a graphical ScreenHunter_37 Jun. 27 15.03representation of the things you want to manifest in your life. I’ve done several treasure maps over time and found them to be incredibly powerful because  . . .  they work!

One of my friends (another Nancy) did one with me several years ago and about a year after the creation we were sitting in her office looking at the treasure map when she exclaimed “Everything on the map happened!”

Right now, my most current treasure map stands at about 80% accomplish/received.  And, I’m in the process of doing another just to get myself up-to-date.

If you want to do a treasure map just google it and you’ll find tons of free articles on creating one. You can also create a digital one and use it as the wallpaper on your computer screen.

So honestly, why a treasure map?

1.  They work

2.  They’re fun to create

3.  They “force” you to get clear on what you really want

4.  They provide you with a creative outlet that’s not writing.

5.  They work.