Flash Non-Fiction

The Art of Extraordinary Writing appreciates this contribution by Jane Castellanos. Jane was a teacher, intuitive, traveller, currently living in Devon, seeking to reconnect.  Meaning I don’t have a desk, but I do have a room. The windows are plastic, not allowing for squirrel or bird feeders to be attached. It is forbidden to throw […]


Thank you to Portland, Oregon poet, Gail Brooks, for the flash non-fiction piece: Labyrinth. First swallows of coffee down, my eyes begin to widen just a bit. I’m having a quick breakfast at a local favorite spot and leisurely checking out the familiar surroundings. The place is kind of a mess as usual–stuff piled up, […]


I took on the Flash Non-Fiction Challenge #1 – writing about three things and how they may relate to one another.  I’m not exaggerating when I admit that I went through 30+ revisions, trying to find the perfect word, the perfect turn-of-phrase. I was shocked at the ah-ha’s I experienced, but I’ll save that for […]


I have long-loved the essay format; it appeals to both the logical part of my brain as well as the writer in me who envys a well-turned phrase. Essays are the closest in format to the magical magazine articles I used to write, which probably accounts for considering the following: I’ve been reading Field Guide […]