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taking the ekphrastic challenge

Taking the Ekphrastic Challenge

A year ago I saw the phrase “ekphrastic challenge” and had no idea what it meant. Since then I’ve entered more than a few ekphrastic challenges and hope you do too. My first was at Each month an image of a piece of art is published and we, the writers, are challenged to write a poem inspired by the… Read more →

writing competitions

Ready to Compete?

The folks over at Aerogramme recently posted an article on 23 writing competitions to enter before the end of the year. If you’re interested, pop over to see the entire list. Competitions include creative non-fiction fiction short story flash fiction poetry travel writing microfiction See all the competitions. Call me crazy, but I’m going for the big poetry prize: Gregory… Read more →

Writing challenge #89. Finish the news article

Finish the news article #challenge89

  You just read a news article about a woman you happen to know. The article begins: “That was the last time I saw her.”  Finish the article, writing as much or as little as you’d like. Leave your article here in the comment box, on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #challenge89. (And jimeny! I may… Read more →

Nancy Hendrickson writing challenge 88

Sometimes a Picture is Worth 10K Words – #challenge 88

I am just in love with pictures as I am with words. For this challenge, use any picture you choose and write a ONE WORD story. On Twitter or Instagram use the hashtag #challenge88. I’ll post them here. Please upload your photo to Twitter or Instagram of Facebook so we can all enjoy your story. (I’m @nhendricksonauthor on Instagram, nhendrickson1… Read more →

Write a tiny story with Nancy Hendrickson

Tiny Stories – #challenge86

Creative Non-Fiction is one of my favorite magazines. In each issue there’s a selection of “tiny truths”; stories written in 140 characters or less. In honor of CNF, today’s writing challenge is this: Write a story about your childhood in 140 characters or less. If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #challenge86. I’ll post them here. (I’m @nhendricksonauthor on… Read more →

Challenge 85 for writers

Haiku Time – #challenge85

Using this image as inspiration, write a haiku. Don’t remember the haiku format? It’s 17 syllables in total, 3 lines, 5/7/5. (5 syllables for line 1, 7 syllables for line 2, 5 syllables for line 3). Use the hashtag #challenge85 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so I can track you down and add your gem to this post later in… Read more →

Short story exercise, steal a line

Steal a Line . . . Then Write

In the spring I took a short story writing course from Cornelia Feye, author of Spring of Tears and House of the Fox. As a non-fiction author, these types of classes scare the heck out of me – but as it turned out I managed to write a fairly decent short story. What you’ll read below isn’t the short story,… Read more →