A 21st Century Journal

Excerpt: Originally published in Personal Journaling Magazine

It started over a café latte and my sister’s lament. “Why is it”, asked Vicki, “that our family never saves anything? Why don’t we have Civil War letters or a colonial journal?”

Her question wasn’t a new one. We frequently carp about how little we have of our family’s past—and how much more we’d like to know. Every time we see some guy on Antique Roadshow hold up great-great-grandpa’s letters from Gettysburg, we shake our heads and wonder how he got so lucky.

That afternoon, as we slurped Starbuck’s best, we talked about the past, then wondered what future generations would say about us. Would they sit around a Moon-based coffee bar and gripe that we hadn’t handed down a letter from Vietnam or a year 2000 voter’s pamphlet?

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