Writing props

I’m a full-time author with some chops:

  • Several of my books have hit #1 in their Amazon category.
  • One of my magazine articles was chosen for a Best Of book published by The Writer magazine.
  • One of my poems is in the 2017-2018 San Diego Poetry Annual
  • I belong to Western Writers of America (I wish I was as famously successful as fellow member Craig Johnson of Longmire).
  • Right now my primary income comes from writing about genealogy & history
  • I’ve been interviewed by the NY Times, Better Homes & Gardens, Kiplinger’s, and bunches of websites. You can also catch one of my podcast interviews over at The Creative Penn.

What else can I tell you?

I written 30 books and hundreds of magazine and web articles. I know how to string words together so they 1) make sense; and 2) are beautiful. That’s what we all want, no?
Beyond that . . . .

  • I’m writing a novel – the historical ilk
  • I love research
  • I’m a cat person
  • I wear purple a lot (does that mean I’m old?)
  • I’m an Emily Dickinson fan
  • I adore creative non-fiction
  • Always loved Dylan (Bob and Thomas)
  • I listen to period music when writing
  • I’m currently into lime green things
  • I’m a minimalist
  • I try to take at least one class every few months
  • I grow ideas
  • I write poetry
  • I try to write short stories (frankly, I stink)
  • I’m a terrible editor
  • I write. I write. I write.

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